Posted : Tuesday, Jun 4, 2019 at 2:07am

Soul Choices

What does the Soul decide?

If this life is a spiritual journey then do we not have spiritual choices to make?

Everyone has a different notion of where souls come from but does this soul choose which form it will be experiencing in this lifetime? If our bodies are really connected to a spirit then what impact does being born into a specific family have on our soul’s journey? Each person’s belief may vary but if you hold the belief that when you are born your spirit is connected to your body then it does make sense that your spirit is also tied to your family’s bloodline. This may further mean that one’s ‘spirit self’ will be best expressed in terms of your family’s vocation.

When you are part of a family the first souls which you get to connect with are from that family. Your parents’ nurture develops you because you learn about who you are relative to those around you. This can also be used to argue that your experiences are also tied to those who you are around as you initially find joy or sadness in relation to them.

At this point one can conceive of the notion that our souls choose one’s parents. This is the choice as to how one gains a foundational understanding of the material world. This is also a choice which affects ones foundational understanding of one’s self. On the other hand your parents have also chosen you because their souls need to understand who they are in relation to another, in this case you are that other. It is a choice as the parent child relationship affects the parent as much as it does the child.

Soul Mates

The idea which I am going to present about soul mates is not originally my own, I read it somewhere but I do not remember the source.

As a result of media influences one tends to believe that each one of us has a single soul mate and this is the person you are meant to be with romantically forever. This notion is flawed because there is no guarantee that you’ll ever meet this person. It is also dangerous as people are relentlessly chasing someone who is represented by a fictional character. Perfection is sold in an imperfect manner.

So what I read about soul mates is that each of us can have multiple soul mates and these can be friends or loves even total strangers. However each soul mate has a different purpose which can vary from those that’ll break you down (create a trial in your life) and those that help you ‘step up your game’. Just being around this person has some deeper effect on you which you can feel from the soul. Some will be in your life for a short while; others will be there for a lifetime (this is where the idea of lifelong lovers comes from). What you also have to consider is that the word mate is a synonym for helper – so when you use the term ‘soul mate’ you are referring to someone who is there to help in your soul’s journey. When that persons help is no longer needed they have to move on. They too could need help from another. Ever wondered why there are some friends with whom you were once close and even though you never fought you just don’t click as well as you used to. You are now on separate paths and have done all that you can do for each other and must move on. This is not a bad thing.

Think of that person you meet once then never run into again yet they make such an impact on your life that everything feels different in your life.

Have you ever met someone and your first conversation feels like the continuation of an old one. Both of you just seem to just get along and speaking or interacting with them seem to get to your deepest self. This will also be mutual for the other person, if not you are just catching feelings. One can easily fall in love with this person but one must also learn that soul mates are not always romantic counterparts.

Soul mates come into your life at a specific time in your life. You might need them to help you enter the next phase of your life. However this should disregard romantic soul mates. The point is that we must choose to let these people into our lives meaning that we actually do choose on a soul level, which people we let into our lives.


Through ones vocation, one can express and further grow ones soul. Through the expression of ourselves one learns to connect to others without needing to physically interact with them. For example have you ever listened to a song and felt like it is speaking directly to you. The artist may not have been thinking about you but through their expression of their self, they gained the opportunity to connect with you even if they will never meet you.

Therefore whatever you choose to do with your life ultimately has to be a soul decision. You have to look within and really ask yourself ‘what am I meant to do with my life?’ Use the platform which you gain from following your vocation to impact humanity positively. Your talents are not necessarily what you should be doing with your life. However they are tools one can use to achieve a bigger purpose. This further means that you could do one thing for ten years and decide to change careers to something totally different because you are meant to satisfy your souls urge to be expressed. Know that your purpose is more than your physical manifestation of a vocation.


Altogether one realizes that there are many choices involved in where one’s life goes but there choices are made on a soul level. These choices can include ones path in life, which family they become part of, which people (souls) one allows into their lives and whether or not they are fulfilling their soul’s purpose. All of these are contributing factors as to how one’s life pans out and of these are matters of choice: they are soul choices.


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