Posted : Friday, Apr 5, 2019 at 6:08am

A Writers Dream

To be the worlds Greatest

When you think about the process of making it - it is easy to be disheartened however I do believe that when the barrier to entry is hard, 'making it' becomes much more fulfilling. Here I mean just the barrier to entry considering that some bets are just not worth it.

Talent is like a seed, you think you know what it is, only for that seed to grow. The seed keeps growing and when you break ground, you then learn that breaking ground is just the beginning. Underground the seed is growing from the richness of the soul but once it stems above ground it must face the weather and insects amongst other things. However as a person you still have to grow until all of the talent within you blossoms into Mastery.

Genius might be the result of nature, nurture or both. However this is pure ability; cultivating the self is essential in order to reach the next level. It's not just about what you can do but who you are. I am talking about self actualization. In the question of how to reach this, I believe that deep down each of us has the answer because deep down you know where to find your G-d.

Work with purpose

We live in a culture that loves work but so few people work with and for a purpose. So many people are just working to get by. In the end your goals won't matter as they will constantly change as you achieve or discard them but the real question in regards to goals is: did you use your goals to fully express your truth? (Did your dreams help express who you truly are?)

So what is the dream?

A writers dream is written in the silence, in the storm when seeking ones calm and in those blank moments in which the story of the world must be rewritten.

So the goal is to create content and be content. The dream is to help everyone awake from their own dreams. Essentially it is to create realism from idealism - like yin merging with yang. To find ones way along the way.

There is a reason as to why so many emperors were writers because some writers write their truth on paper whilst others write it on the world and in the hearts of humanity. For what dream should a writer have than to use their talent and work ethic to make a reality of what they see with the minds eye.

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