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What to Write About?

What is the Other Soul?

The Question that faces many people who want to start writing is: What should I write about?

We all have multiple interests and at times to write about a subject you don't feel like an expert in can be daunting. I have heard people state that they want to write a book but only after age 30. Each to his own but I think these are all just delay tactics because you are still afraid of making the first step. If what you want to work on needs research then start researching. Sitting around and saying 'this needs research so I can't start now' is just an excuse. If you have never written a story in your life then start practicing how to write stories - you may not be writing that book today but the least you can do is prepare for it.

Okay I am just venting now - back to the purpose of this blog post: The Other Soul.

Honestly, I chose the name because it sounds cool in my mind. Also It is a reference of the topic of one of my earliest books namely: The Soul Doctrine on Happiness. I loved the link as this is somewhat an expansion of the book, this time actively living out the notion of doing what you love. In my case this is writing, amongst many other things. I Love learning new things so I have picked up skills in fields that one might not expect me to be good in (Many I should've called this blog the curious soul). 

This title can also be interpreted Politically even Spiritually.

I am living in a society in which segregation was institutionalized and even if this is not a state policy any more; many of us are still living within the after effects of the past. It is a free South Africa yet one still feels like The Other. I guess I write this as a means to seek the true freedom of my soul by exploring what really lies within my mind (freedom starts in the mind). 

Spiritually when one believes in a G-d, one is creating a distinction between what is and what becomes, the transcendental and the other. We believe that the Soul is of other worldly properties. So I am hoping to explore these ideas. Oh wait my first set of blog posts was about this so take a look.

The real issue at hand:

Well then the issue at hand is what am I going to write about going forwards? Simply put: Anything. This is a personal blog, as much as it contributes to my name and is part of my brand, It is still my blog, I am the writer of this blog and as such I will write about what I like (Biko Pun). Normally blogs have one theme and that is the one thing that is discussed in various ways. I am not really looking to copy that instead I will choose themes for certain periods (probably a month) and write on that. The ironic part is that this sets a theme for this blog namely: Msibi's Interests.

This is just me expressing what lies in my soul. This is my Journey:

From Daveyton to the World!

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