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The INTJ who smiles

Looking at pop culture one finds that there is a lot of media which is centred on trying to figure out who people are. As we go through life we all meet different people and come to realize that there are some qualities you may find in one person which you might not find in another. This curiosity is not exactly new to thej current generation we find that this has always been a point of human pondering.

I don’t know why but humanity seems to be very good at finding what is different between people, this is somehow followed by trying to group things into categories. This can lead to an ‘us and them’ situation, nonetheless there is a side to this in which one can also stated that humans love discovering who they are. Cause and effect seem much more satisfying than chance and as such we have developed so many systems to explain what is happening around us and by extension why we behave the way we do.

As such we have behavioural theory, which is basically the theory which seeks to explain how one would act in different environments based on ones conditioning: As you can see cause and effect. This term can be found in multiple fields of study such as psychology and even economics as knowing how people tend to behave will allow us to be able to make expectation on the future and possible solutions to current problems.

The Mystic Method(s)

Have you ever met with someone and then as you are conversing with them they ask you the question: what is your star sign. Then they go on to tell you; that people of that sign act a certain way and proceed to tell you all these weird and wonderful things about you. I will not comment on the validity of horoscopes but in a way this is a way for people to try and understand other people. It is a way to try and find the cause to all the effects which we are seeing. Historically speaking when we seem to not have a cause we always seek one that is somewhat transcendental (Beyond us). We say it is the stars, the universe or even spiritual entities. Depending on what you personally believe this could make sense or could be a whole lot of hogwash.

What the gist here entails is that we as people do like asking the question: Why am I the way I am today?

Personality Theory

I am not sure if this is the latest craze or if it has always been around but I seem to be encountering a lot of personality theories lately. They all use different terms or categories but you find that there are many similarities. It is as if the next person changes the terms because they are trying to avoiding licensing another person’s system or just to avoid copyright. Nonetheless they are fun to do for me because they have an empirical method to them. You can redo the experiments yourself in order to prove or disprove the theories. I for one went through a lot of the theory, I might forget it later when I am on to the next topic that fascinates me but one of the theories that stood out for me was the Myers-Briggs personality theory (or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). In one of the training session I had to do for school/work we had to take one of these tests. The reasoning behind how this system is put together made sense and type doesn’t mean you are specifically like this was also a good thing in my books. So given the result I got I decide to write this.

p.s. my initial intention was to write something with a casual tone to it but look at me being formal about things. Oh well if you have read this far you might as well read until the end

The Fabled INTJ

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I got the result INTJ which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging.

When I searched the internet about what this really means, I found a lot of content on the matter. What I found puzzling is how this type is treated like some kind of unicorn. I think as people in order to low key call ourselves special we always mask is: “I started to realise that I am different from everybody else”. Modesty is more appealing to us so the tone of distress is somewhat makes it more acceptable to explain ones uniqueness. (I’m going to be diplomatic and remind you that we are all special in our own way, don’t forget about equality and world peace). Alright where was I, oh yes, INTJ.

With these personality theories, I believe that one should use them only for self improvement and not in order to justify ones bad qualities. How many times do people say I can’t help it I am this star sign, you are essentially shifting the blame and justifying your own nonsense. When you take any personality test it is merely an indication of the person you are today. Can you switch personality types in the future, I like to believe you can’t but who said you cannot mature. Just because my dominant function is thinking over feeling that is no reason for me to be apathetic. In fact this is one of the spheres of my life in which I really had to work on.

I don’t know why but when people hear the word introvert they think of the shy person in the room when it could be the complete opposite. Being an introvert just means that you get your energy from being in your own space, think of it this way (this is not a universal case) but when you are going through a bad phase of life would you rather be around people or on your own. The second scenario would be after you are around people for a really long time do you find yourself feeling drained or recharged? These are some possible indications of how an introvert or extrovert is.

The Robot

Assumptions are a plague in my opinion but hey we live in a world that has them. It is almost near impossible to not find that someone out there thinks of INTJ’s to be robot like, as if they function by merely calculating their every move and are insensitive to the world. They describe someone who shows no emotion. I am guessing this comes from the combination of Introversion, Thinking and Judging. You need your own space and you think before you feel this coupled with you being the type of person to plan things out before acting and as such you find the image of the perfect villain. However in a world of majority extroverts why wouldn’t introvert be the subject of weird assumptions?

As I said in a previous paragraph, working with my feelings was something had to actively work on. It isn’t that I never had any, I mean come on, and rather I believe that those who feel more than they think understand their feelings better or can identify them much quicker than a person who thinks more than they feel. I had to learn that even in the most seemingly logical spaces people react from their feelings and you always have to pay attention to other people’s emotional maturity. Just because you function in one way that doesn’t mean everyone else functions like you. Also I found that I am the type of person when in a distressful situation I act first and only process the emotions later. This can be a double edged sword if you do not learn to process what you have felt as these things can linger.

Have fun with it

As stated before all of us like to feel special, we all love to learn how unique we are but have you ever wondered how unique your friendship circle is? What I did in after I did this test I made a number of my friends take it as well. What can you learn about them from this process? I do believe that no theory should be taken as gospel so look at it as something fun to do.

Also with self assessments be careful of them for obvious reasons, I’d say take the test when you are not trying to get a specific result yes some types are rare but that doesn’t mean they are the most set out for a good life or for disaster. When reading the results you must feel like they this does fit your personality and not that you are trying to convince others that this is you. You will know this.

I’m going to stop here, I guess I not only need to work on myself but on how to write good conclusions.

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